Mitsuru Watanabe

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688 H3876-L15613342686A-Walk-in-Rousseaus-Forest_-by-Mitsuru-Watanabe-A-Gallery-2012-33_4-x-45-324x450

“I try to envision vast imaginary landscapes fenced in by proper nouns of such painters as Rousseau and Delvaux as semi-realistic public spaces.

My daughters travel to these places, where they pick flowers, take a short nap and play.

In the world of imagination, everything is accessible and nothing is forbidden.

I observe other painters’ images from a landscape painter’s point of view and play with those images.

The self is not a closed system fenced in by a name.

It is a unique place where information of all sorts flows, mingles and transfigures.

The same applies to works of art.

In a work associated with the name, Raffaello, da Vinci and Michelangelo mingle and transfigure.

The forest landscape of Botticelli’s tranquil Primavera, from which the nymphs disappeared, is freed from the painter’s name.

Rousseau’s forest transforms as hours and years go by.

I spend my days working, thinking of such landscapes.” Mitsuru Watanabe


Mitsuru Watanabe


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