Chu Teh-Chun



2 thoughts on “Chu Teh-Chun

  1. Dear Ms Virág Tóth (Bluum, Totvir?),

    My name is Hans van der Weyden. I am the north American representative of the Dutch painter Hubert Roestenburg.

    I was contacted by Christie’s Hong Kong office to let me know that my client was mentioned in the catalogue: ASIAN 20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART (art auction held in Hong Kong Nov 23 2014). .

    Under the tab “LOT NOTES” it says: “Chu’s 1972 visit to Munich deepened his understanding of German Expressionism, and his No. 467 was completed that same year. No. 467 bears certain resemblances to Hubert Roestenburg’s abstract depiction of natural scenery in Autumn near London (fig. 3). In Roestenberg’s work, scenic objects and small buildings intermingle in overlapping brushstrokes”.

    When I looked up Chu Teh-Chun online I found your website. I made a website myself for my client: (funny how we both picked the same WordPress theme). I love the collection of artists on your website and I think my client would fit in perfectly. Our website gets a fair bit of traffic from around the world which might help you a little bit with your Adwords revenue.

    Best regards,
    Hans van der Weyden

  2. Dear Hans! Thank you for your letter! I find very impressive the works of Hubert Roestenburg, I definitely will put some of his works on my site.:) I only make my blog for fun I have no revenues from it.:) Thank you! I wish you all the best! Viràg

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